Thematic Theme Framework Review

Thematic is a free and open-source WordPress Theme Framework. It features 13 widgets, grid-based layout samples, SEO built-in. A whole community is behind it.

It’s perfect for both WordPress beginners and professionals.

Main Features:

1.Homepage (parent theme default):

2. Theme Options:

thematic theme options screenshot

3. Thematic Widgets:

thematic widgets

4.Many Child Themes are developed for Thematic. You can find them in the Thematic Child Themes category.

Screenshot for one of them:

5. Support for Thematic: If you have  any problem with Thematic you can find help from Ian, Chris, Gene, and the rest of the Thematic community in the ThemeShaper Forums.

6.Sites Built on the Thematic Theme Framework:

Download Thematic 

Live Demo 

Other Resources for Thematic Users:

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